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The English-Club goes England July 9th to July 13th 2017

Sunday: The first day - travelling from Karlsruhe to Britain

First we met at the bus terminal at 3.45am. When it was 4 o’clock our bus driver drove us from Germany via Belgium to France. At 2pm in Calais it  took our ferry one and a half hours to take us to Dover. It was so great to see Dover Castle above the town and the white cliffs. From Dover we just needed to drive to our meeting place for two hours to meet our host families. It was strange to see the cars driving on the “wrong” side of the street. After having arrived in Southwick, we all were picked up by our host families.

Dorian Thimm 8c, Jan Leppin 8c, Leonard Sperling 8d, Khaled Zeddam 8c

Monday: A day in Eastbourne

On Thursday, we went to Eastbourne which is a city on the coast. The ride took two hours and first of all we went to the beach. The cliffs are called “The Seven Sisters“, which had one of the most beautiful panoramic views we’d ever seen. You can see the English Channel and the different shades of blue. After having fun at the beach we walked over the cliffs to Eastbourne. There are many pretty and small houses and because of that they're very cute.

We then had free time and could go shopping in the city centre or just relax at the beach.

So it was a wonderful day and it was fun in Eastbourne!

From Lilly Beil 8a and Yvonne Scheinmaier 8a

Tuesday: Portsmouth

Today we were in Portsmouth. First of all we made a town rally, which was very awesome and we learned a lot about the city and the people. At the end of the day we were at the mall. 

It was raining the whole day and it was very cloudy, but we still enjoyed the day. We ate same burgers at Burger King and when driving back home Mrs Nümann and Mrs Korn told us the winners of the rally. It was a nice day in Portsmouth!!

Jan Vágner 8c and Tchabuki Pkhakadze 8c

This morning we first went to Tesco to get something to eat before going to Portsmouth. The machine you can pay at was very interesting and we don't have this in Germany. This supermarket is like in France because it has everything. We arrived in Portsmouth and went near a mall .There our teachers who are called Mrs Nümann and Mrs Korn had prepared a rally which started from there. We needed to get in groups of 3 to 4 students before we could go. I've got a talent to lose my things and so I lost the paper with the town rally. We went to Starbucks to get free wifi and for a drink. Inside we called Mrs Nümann and told her our problem. She said that we need to ask others to send us a photo of the rally sheet (thanks again for that ☺). We wrote down all questions and answered them. Most questions we answered with google because we lost so much time. After having finished the rally we went to the Spinnaker Tower and took photos. We saw a telephone booth and suddenly fell in love with it, so we needed to take some more photos.

After the rally we could go to the mall for shopping. Some others used the time to visit the HMS Victory and other interesting museums. Mrs Nümann and Mrs Korn had to accompany them because they were not allowed to enter the museums without adults.

Caroline Lang 8a, Jelena Saric 8d, Maryam Hassan 8d, Dilyana Angelova 8d

Wednesday: Our day trip to London 

On Wednesday morning we had to get up early because the ride to London takes two to four hours. So Thilo and I got up at 6 am and went down for having breakfast. We ate toast with English cheese and drank black tea or coffee. After we finished we had half an hour to pack our stuff for our trip to London. Because we stayed in London longer than usual, our guest parents had made lunchboxes for us. We started with the car from the guest parents at 7 am and drove to the meeting point. From the meeting point we drove with the bus to London for a long time. We stopped in a big garage next to the Tower of London. After having a little break, we went into the Tower of London. At the entry some securities checked our bags. When we were all inside the Tower, we formed some groups. My group first went to a house where they explained something about coins. We stayed there some time. Then we went to see the Crown Jewels. They are very beautiful and interesting. After one and a half hour we left the Tower. Then we had the opportunity to eat at Starbucks or at Subway. Because of a false fire alarm at Starbucks we had to wait for some time to be allowed to get in again. After lunch we drove to Westminster by boat (Houses of Parliament). Then we walked to Buckingham Palace where we took some pictures. After that we continued our walk towards Trafalgar Square. At this moment there was a live broadcast of Formula 1. So we couldn't visit the Square very well. We were checked before we could enter Trafalgar Square and it was not so easy to cross the place. After this long day we walked to our bus down to London embankment, where our busdriver Heiko had already been waiting for us. On our way back home we had a little break to grab some food. This was a nice day in London. 

Johannes Thyssen 8c

On Wednesday we started at 7:45 with the bus to London after we had had the chance to buy some food at Tesco’s. The drive was very quick because there wasn't much traffic. First we went to the Tower of London to visit the different attractions. The Crown Jewels were very beautiful. After one and a half hour in the Tower we took a picture in front of London Bridge. After the boat trip to the Parliament we walked through St James’ Park to Buckingham Palace, where we saw lots of sweet squirrels. There we had time to take pictures and after that we went back to the bus. We drove for some time and then went to Burger King for dinner. After that some of us were still hungry and Miss Nümann gave us a cookie, which was very nice ☺. Then we drove back to our host family.

Leonie Steck 8c, Silja Kahmann 8b, Sophia Drodofsky 8d

This morning we got up at 6 o’clock. We had breakfast and then we went to the bus stop. We drove for two and a half hours till we arrived in London. 

When we were in London we visited the Tower of London. It was very interesting as we saw many weapons, paintings, the Crown Jewels and lots of other things. Many of us bought gifts for their families. When we left the Tower of London we again were so hungry that we got time to go to Starbucks, Subways and a sandwich shop which were nearby the Tower. After having eaten we went on the Thames with a taxiboat where we were told all the sights we saw. It was great fun to see the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, St.Paul’s Cathedral, the Shakespeare theatre called “The Globe” and so many other things. After arriving at the Parliament we walked to Westminster Abbey and then realized that most of the city was blocked because of several events which took place in London this day, such as the London Somalia Conference. Before we could enter Trafalgar Square we were checked by the police. Here a British Grand Prix, 'Formula One Live' entertained the crowds in central London. The only chance to cross the square was to take the way through the subway. London was really safe today.

We learned so many things about the city and the people who lived there and it was the highlight of the whole trip ☺!

Thursday: Saying Goodbye to the host families and visiting Brighton

We woke up at half-past six and had our breakfast. Some time later our host mom drove us to the bus station where we left our luggage in the bus. For the following 20 minutes we waited at the train station to take the train to Brighton. During our walk to the Royal Pavilion we could see a lot of Brighton’s beautiful corners. Our tour guide told us some pretty interesting facts about George VIII and his party life and how he got illnesses because of his food addiction. Leaving the Pavilon some of us bought a little souvenir in the shop. When we arrived at the Pier Mrs Nümann told us the possibilities we have, for example the Brighton Sea-Life or the Brighton-Pier. Our group chose to go to the Pier to look at the different attractions, but nobody wanted to ride a rollercoaster. We then bought some stuff at Tesco’s and went back to the beach to enjoy the great weather and to relax. To end the nice trip we had some fish and chips with mashed peas with Mrs Nümann and Mrs Korn, then we started our drive back to Dover which took around 2 hours. We were one of the first on the ferry, so we got off and took the stairs to the outside deck. We enjoyed watching the sunset on the ferry.

Pierre-Andre Wagner 9a, Julius Brüning 9a, Philipp Osterlow 9a